Zuni Row Cuff

Zuni Row Cuff

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Zuni Row Cuff - Circa: 1940's

Turquoise is the most common stone found in Old Pawn jewelry. Natural turquoise is porous and will change to a greener color, so it isn’t uncommon for authentic pieces to have discolored stones. 

Size: 6 1/4

Width: 1/2"

Gap: 1 1/8"

Weight: 18.66 grams

Wear and Tear

Authentic Old Pawn jewelry will have a natural gray patina, indicating age. It takes decades for the patina to develop and may appear grayer in dry climates like the southwest. Humidity will add a darker, blacker patina. Patina typically isn’t buffed off in order to preserve its history and value. Made of Sterling Silver

This is vintage jewelry handmade by Native American Indians and is a southwestern fashion style.

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