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We were formerly known as Redtail Air Adventures Store, which opened in May of 2016.

Together John Ramsey, president of Redtail Air Adventures, and his wife Jan Rousseaux-Ramsey, who has 20 years of background in custom apparel design and offshore manufacturing, were excited to share the world of scenic aviation in Moab as well as offer unique travel related inventory, apparel and gift items.  After years of supplying customers thrilling scenic air tours & bi-plane rides; John Ramsey, envisioned a store on Main Street in downtown Moab in which scenic air tours could be booked and appealing merchandise sold.  Jan was asked to create that vision.  This was a new design challenge that she excitedly jumped into with both feet.

The store is part of the Uranium Building which had to be transformed from an old, rustic building into something unique.  It was quite the challenge, but Jan has designed it fabulously well!  With the elements of an airplane, the long, narrow retail space made the perfect shape of the inside of a fuselage with elliptical ceilings featuring blue sky and clouds to transport guests into the wonderland of aviation. 

Since then they have branched off and turned heads with their Amazing 'FIND' of large collections of antique, vintage native American jewelry commonly known as “Old Pawn”.  

The range of rare bracelets, necklaces, pin, earrings and bolos are so stunning that they had to change the name to state their story...  THE FIND!

We are now going into our 7th season!  The look and feel of the store is ever evolving as it is remodeled and upgraded each season.

Jan brings fresh concepts and customized merchandise to the Moab market. Both the quantity and range of inventory has expanded greatly since those first years. You won’t find kokopelli napkin rings or other souvenirs at The Find.  What you will find is unique merchandise sourced from around the US, form vintage native American jewelry to wimcycle tools, leather bags, and apparel perfect to wear in the desert!  The collection of River Guide plaid shirts are hands down,  the most popular sellers.  They have been purchased and worn by visitors all over the world! 

The staff at THE FIND is the greatest asset!  Their solid teamwork undergirds the success of the store.  By paying attention to every detail, they strive to ensure that each customer has a memorable experience.  We appreciate the nice compliments daily on the unique inventory and the appeal of the store overall.

Flight sales are strong, but the store stands on its own now with it’s ever growing merchandise sales.   

Come on in and see what’s the latest find!  We can’t wait to meet you!

We are located 23 N. Main Street, Moab, Utah

Since not everyone can enjoy the analog shopping experience of our physical location, we've brought you the next best thing - digital shopping!  Check out our e-store & watch for the fabulous one-of-a-kind items, so you don't miss your chance to buy something truly exclusive.

The "Uniquely Moab" style includes: clothing for men, women, & children, leather jackets, sunglasses, leather & canvas bags, novelties, toys, & (best of all) our limited, one-of-a-kind items that will never be available again - anywhere.

Adventure Awaits: Find it in Style.


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