"Old Pawn": What Does it Mean?


“We see old pawn as an intimate relic of a people and a culture which is slowly and inevitably disappearing into history”  

Edward S Curtis


Old Pawn jewelry are highly coveted collector’s items and increasingly difficult to find on the market. With a rich and mysterious history, the jewelry comes from 3 primary tribes of Native Americans, Navajo, Pueblo Zuni and Hopi.  The tribal people of this area made, wore and treasure their turquoise jewelry as not only a thing of adornment and protector of good health, but also as portable wealth.  Almost all of the items in our cases were the pride and joy of families in this desert region from years gone by.  These pieces were designed with great skill and proudly worn for ceremonies and joyful family gatherings and sometimes in sorrow.  Most items have been loved, inherited, lost, found, cherished, gambled for, gambled with, sold and perhaps stolen.  No one can be sure of why it left the family where it was treasured. This jewelry is rugged, but we handle it carefully. We don’t polish it or remove signs of wear.  We hope that when you buy a piece you will respect its history as we do and appreciate the worth of your new treasure.



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