Jan Rousseaux Ramsey and her River Guide Shirts

The much-loved River Guide Shirts for men, women and children can be found exclusively at The Find Store in Moab, Utah.

Here’s how it all got started:

Growing up in East Africa, a child of missionary parents in the 60’s, Jan created her first original design on a treadle sewing machine at age 11. It was a pair of boxer shorts made from a pillowcase for a deaf Ethiopian man, and he was delighted. This experience with her first happy customer, her artistic skills, and great determination eventually launched her into an exciting career in fashion design. After returning to the states at age 18, Jan rigorously honed her talents and became a successful clothes designer for nationally known country music entertainers and celebrities in Branson, Missouri. Her custom designs became well-known and shows from Las Vegas came calling. Jan even has a display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. as a classic example of apparel for entertainers of this era! 

In 2004, a move to Las Vegas marked a shift in Jan's focus to designing uniforms for the hospitality and casino industries. More hard work and more success. Then a move to Moab, Utah ten years ago with her husband John, launched yet another chapter – opening a retail store on Main St. 

In December of 2015, Jan was tasked to create a retail store that would also book tours for Redtail Air, a scenic air tour aviation company in Moab.  Jan loves a challenge, so she jumped in, designed an intriguing interior, and filled the store with unique and exciting inventory, including her River Guide shirts. 

Thousands of these plaid shirts have come from stores in many states from Washington D.C. to Hawaii where Jan endlessly shops for them. Previously owned, each has now become an entirely unique, one-of-a-kind work of art through her perfected proprietary technique. Each shirt responds differently to the treatment, and not all meet her standards. Those that pass are stitched with  River Guide and Moab labels – the perfect finishing touch for plaid shirts that represent the rugged Moab lifestyle. 

The uniqueness of each shirt makes them difficult to show online, but customers in the store find the shirts irresistible, and they far outsell everything else! Customers from far and wide sport the beautiful plaid shirts around the world. Come in and see our ever-changing inventory of these fascinating River Guide shirts.

The Find Moab  

23 North Main St


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